Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Olive oil may offer protection for stroke

We have all heard that olive oil is supposed to be healthy fat. The study reviewed here confirms that, since it may even help prevent stroke.

The study investigated whether high olive oil consumption and high plasma oleic acid, a marker of olive oil intake, are associated with lower incidence of stroke in older people (Samieri C, et al. 2011). 7,625 participants were followed for an average of 5.25 years.

It was documented that the participants with high consumption of olive oil had a 41% reduced risk of stroke compared to those who never used olive oil. 1,245 participants had their oleic acid levels measured and those in the third tertile of plasma oleic acid had a 73% reduction of stroke risk when compared with those in the first tertile.

An easy way to increase your olive oil intake is by using olive oil and vinegar salad dressing and using it in cooking by, for example, stir frying vegetables.

To read the original abstract, click on the reference below.


Samieri C, FĂ©art C, Proust-Lima C, Peuchant E, Tzourio C, Stapf C, Berr C, Barberger-Gateau P. Olive oil consumption, plasma oleic acid, and stroke incidence: The Three-City Study. Neurology. 2011 Jun 15.

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